The Dreamboys Terms and Conditions

  1. These conditions apply and supersede any previous conditions whether a contract has been made in writing or verbal.
  2. Dreammen Ltd accepts no liability for delays caused or the loss, however caused, of the client's personal property unless made in error or directly by Dreammen Ltd.
  3. All bookings and confirmations must be made through our Central Office.
  4. To enable Dreammen Ltd to tend to specific requirements, the client must give a minimum of 48 hours notice of any specific requirement.
  5. The clients will be held responsible for any damage to our suppliers transport or accommodation, including sickness related to alcohol consumption, breakage or damage to our suppliers property and will be charged accordingly.
  6. All clients are advised to obtain insurance for those items (where save for negligence), Dreammen Ltd's liability is limited. (Such as the delay of luggage or effects)
  7. When Dreammen Ltd hires vehicles, arranges meals, accommodation, admission tickets or any other service provided by any other contractor it does so as an agent for and on behalf of the clients basis. Any terms and conditions imposed by such operator through Dreammen Ltd shall be binding on the client's as if the client had directly contacted such a service.
  8. Luggage and personal effects are carried at the owners risk. Gangways, doors and emergency exits must not be obstructed. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the correct numbers of cases/pieces are accounted for and the figure should be agreed with the person or person's left in charge of personal belongings.
  9. Whilst every endeavour has been made for all the services provided by Dreammen Ltd to be faultless, no responsibility can be accepted for any breakdown or any additional expenses or loss incurred by the client's thereafter.
  10. The proprietors of Dreammen Ltd must approve individual amendments to these terms and conditions or changes of any paragraph within these term and conditions.
  11. Dreammen Ltd, without prior notice, reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions.
  12. All clients of Dreammen Ltd must comply with the rules and regulations of all our agent suppliers.
  13. Eating is not permitted in any of the limos or vehicles.
  14. Dreammen Ltd reserves the right to terminate contracts or bookings if any client, customer or member of their party, abuse or cause damage to our suppliers property.
  15. Booking deposits for Tickets to our shows are non-refundable. Balances for Tickets must be paid one month before the event (unless by special arrangement) Cancellations within 28 days of the show will result in 100% of the total booking fee due to Dreammen Ltd and will be debited from your Debit or Credit Card.
  16. Booking deposits for Male Strippers, Strip Shows and Strippergrams are non-refundable. Balances must be paid on the night of the event (unless by special arrangement) Cancellations within 28 days of the event will result in 100% of the total booking fee due to Dreammen Ltd and will be debited from your Debit or Credit Card.
  17. Complaints must be made within 24 hrs of the event.
  18. Please Note: The management at each venue reserves the right of entry. The show is designed for peoples over the ages of 18 and contains some strobe lighting and possibly pyrotechnics. It is not permitted to touch the performers unless invited otherwise. Although The Dream Men Hen Night experience is of the very highest standards, Dreammen Ltd reserves the right to change the show content, buffet meal selection, hotel accommodation, inclusive transport methods and running schedules of the show, however all changes will only be made to the event if it is absolutely necessary and every best effort will be made to inform our guest in good time to any changes made.
  19. Performers, Models and any other persons looking to work for Dreammen Ltd, must send there CV, snap shots or publicity pictures to us via email or post to our Central Office. Please Note: By sending Dreammen Ltd images/pictures of yourself via email or post, you are agreeing to allow us the rights to publish your images/pictures on our website, affiliated websites and promotional material. If you are not the Copyright owner of the original images/pictures you intend on sending to us, then please contact the original Photographer/Copyright owner of the images/pictures for there permission to use and send the images/pictures. Dreammen Ltd are not responsible for any Copyright Infringement caused by Performers, Models or any other persons unlawfully using images not belonging to themselves.
  20. The above terms and conditions come into force when making a booking with Dreammen Ltd or sending images/pictures to Dreammen Ltd. By making a booking with Dreammen Ltd you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions. The above terms and conditions can not be altered or changed unless by special arrangement.